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Welcome to visit Tiger Master 131st Online Canton Fair from April 15th to 24th in 2022

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The 131st session of Canton Fair will be held from April 15th to 24th online,and will provide around-the-clock online services for product promotion. matchmaking and business negotiations. Register and enjoy business opportunities of Canton Fair! Please click the link below to register:

Tiger Master is professional chaussures de sécuritéetbottes de pluie manufacturer in china. We have been qualified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Also, some of our hot sale models have qualified CE ENISO 20345:2011 and ASTM F2413-18. Entre-temps,Nous sommes aussiéquipement de protection individuelle supplier, including head protection,hand protection,foot protectionetbody protection.

Welcome to visit our Store of Online Canton Fair from April 15th to 24th:

Store one:

Store two:

Welcome to visit our VR booth as following:

Safety shoes and rain boots VR booth:

Personal protective equipment VR booth:

We have our own research and development center whose responsibilities include creating new products, utilizing new materials, and creating new add-processes that create value for our clients.

Our products are suitable for all kinds of industry such asgeneral industrial work, construction, oil field, mining, agriculture, material handling, welding and driving. Jusqu'à présent, we have exported our products to many countries and regions.

Tiger master strives to do good and to do better. Our vision is to provide labour in the world with intimate solution.