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Goodyear welted construction safety shoes

  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-06-22
Goodyear safety shoes is different from cemented safety shoes and injection safety shoes. There is welt and stitching around the side of safety shoes ( K8 goodyear safety shoes typically use high temperature fire resistant sewing). So that goodyear safety shoes is very strong and durable.

The welt is handmade sewing before one hundred years ago, very complicated and the production efficiency is very low. Until 1870, a group called GOODYEAR,CHARLES JR (the world's largest GOODYEAR tyre company founder Mr. GOODYEAR's son) invented the sewing machine.Then the feeiciency is greatly increased.Later, people use the inventor GOODYEAR's name, full name is called: GOODYEAR welted constuction. Chinese translation is GOODYEAR shoes.

Now K8 goodyear safety shoes is three seam, refined production.It is super wear-resisting, prevent slippery, high temperature resistant.It is more suitable for heavy duty industry, bulding industry, shipbuilding and other bad environment.

K8 goodyear safety shoes vulcanizing natural rubber to change it physical properties.Unvulcanized rubber is soft like chewing gum, but after vulcanizing is wear-resistant likes tires and flexible performances. Of course, goodyear safety shoes use 100% natural rubber refined sewing, Its inevitable shortcomings is a little heavy than ordinary cement shoes and pu injection safety shoes. Of course, its high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistant are very good, PU polyurethance injection safety shoes can not meet this standard. 

Some small factory made goodyear safety shoes used recycled rubber raw materials. so that the shoes quality is bad. Actually, it is very simple to distinguish, only need to pick up the shoes and smell the flavor of the shoes. if the shoes made of recycled rubber, the sole has a pungent bad smell. While K8 goodyear safety shoes' sole has the natural rubber fragrance,goodyear safety shoe's sole has no taste although placed aperiod of time.