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Welcome to visit us in 31st A+A Germany

  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2017-07-06
Our company will attend 31st A+A in Germany. We will show our safety shoes and rain boots in the exhibition.

Booth No.: 11J58-3
Time: October 17th to October 20th
City: Dusseldorf
Address: Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre, Germany

German international security (protection/labor) exhibition sponsored by Dusseldorf exhibition group, through together with business, government agencies and public institutions guarantee the safety of the people, block produced in the process of production and living of human injury and death accident!The exhibition is the world's most famous industry event, which ranks first in popularity, influence, number of exhibitors and degree of professionalism worldwide.The exhibition, which began in 1954 and is held every two years in Dusseldorf, Germany, will be the 31st in 2017.
In 2015, more than 1,500 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. the present nearly 60000 the number of visitors (56% of the professional audience from policymakers; 20% of the professional audience outside Germany.The exhibition is widely reflected as the best place to reach a deal.
The most popular products in the exhibition will be personal protective equipment, followed by protective instruments, safety management instruments and related equipment for dust and gas.Apart from other European exhibitions, the exhibition has a wide range of products, including all kinds of security products, technologies, software.
Germany is one of the world trade country, Germany is one of the world trade country, with more than 230 countries and regions in the world to keep trade relations, since 2003 to keep leading exporters of the world's six years in a row.The German export industry is renowned for its high quality, good service and punctual delivery.The main export products include automobile, mechanical products, chemicals, communication technology, power supply and distribution equipment and medical and chemical equipment.Major import products include chemicals, automobiles, petroleum and natural gas, machinery, communication technology and steel products.The main trade targets are western industrial countries, where more than half of the imports and exports come from or sell to eu countries.