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PVC rain boots

  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-06-14
We are pvc rain boots manufacturer in china and we have got new CE certificate for pvc rain boots in 2015. Our rain boots have exported to many countries. Such as USA, UK, SWEDEN, CARRIBEAN ISLANDS, VENEZUELA, CHILE, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, GHANA, NIGERIA, and TANZANIA etc.
There are three CE standards for pvc rain boots:
1. CE EN ISO 20347 O5: wIthout steel toe, without steel plate.
2. CE EN ISO 20345 S4: with CE standard steel toe only (steel toe impact resistant meet 200 joule, compression resistant meet 1500 newton).
3. CE EN ISO 20345 S5: with CE standard steel toe and steel plate  (steel toe impact resistant meet 200 joule, compression resistant meet 1500 newton, steel plate punctu0re resistant meet 1100 Newton).
PVC rain boots Characteristic:

1. Water/Acid/Alkali/Oil/Fat Resistant, Slip Resistant, Antistatic

2. Steel toe can be Impact & Compression Resistant,

3. Steel plate can be Puncture Resistant.

4. Outsole is Abrasion and Flexing Resistant.

5. Ankle protection, Energy Absorption on heel seat region, Reinforcement toe and heel

6. Resistant to low temperature.

Our pvc boots is used in food industry, mining, construction, pharmaceutics, chemical industry, science research, oil field, farming, agricultural etc.